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Overview. Evolution is Gnome’s Personal Tutorial Manager (PIM). Evolution is clearly a Gnome application that you could turn to to sync with your mobile phone or PDA. It’s also worth noting that Evolution is probably the best Exchange Server app right now.

export GSETTINGS_SCHEMA_DIR="/opt/evolution/share/glib-2.0/schemas"
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/evolution/library:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
export PATH=/opt/evolution/bin:$PATH
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/evolution/lib/pkgconfig:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH

cd ..../sources/evolution
build mkdir
CD building
cmake -G "Unix Makefiles"\

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GNOME Evolution (previously called Novell Evolution in addition to Ximian Evolution before Novell acquired Ximian in 2003) is the traditional personal information manager for GNOME. If this has been an official part of GNOME since Evolution 2.0, it has been since the release of GNOME 2.8 in September 2004a.[6] It combines address, email, book, calendar, task list. in additional note functions. Its user interface and functionality is similar to Microsoft Outlook. Evolution is free software licensed under the following terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).


  • Receiving email using common POP and IMAP protocols and sending email using SMTP
  • Password protected network connections with SSL, TLS and STARTTLS
  • Encrypt email with GPG and S/MIME
  • Mail filter
  • Search Files: Saved searches that look like normal folders, as an alternative to make sure you use and filter searches.
  • Automated email filtering with SpamAssassin and Bogofilter
  • Connection to support Microsoft Exchange Server, Novell GroupWise, and Kolab[8] (provided in separate plug-in packages)
  • Google Calendar compatibility For iCalendar header format, WebDAV and CalDAV presets, and Google Calendar
  • Manage contacts with city address books, CardDAV, LDAP and Google address books.
  • SyncML via SyncML with SyncEvolution and with Palm OS devices using gnome-pilot
  • Address books that may be outdated as data source in LibreOffice
  • Download user avatars from address book, X-Face, Face email headers, or auto-search a hashed email address from Gravatar
  • RSS Reader Plugin
  • Data client
  • Import from Microsoft Outlook archives (dbx, pst) and Berkley mailbox

The Novell GroupWise plugin is no longer in high-level development.[10] A Scalix[11] plugin is also available, but development stopped in 2009. set.< sup>[12]

Evolution Data Server

Where can I find the evolution mailing list?

Visit it to subscribe or view the archives of the main Evolution mailing lists. If you plan on working anywhere in Evolution, send an email first to avoid duplication of effort (and make sure you don't base your work on interfaces that change in the market). There is also the #evolution IRC channel.

Evolution Data Server (EDS) is actually a set of class libraries and services for storing address books in addition to calendars. Running other [13] software such as California[14] and GNOME Calendar[15][16] is also suspended. from the EMF.

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Computer architecture documentation is available on the GNOME wiki. To [17]

Connecting To Microsoft Exchange Server

Depending on the version of Microsoft Exchange Server you are using, you need to install different packages to be able to connect to it. The documentation strongly recommends evolution-ews (whose package uses Exchange Web Services) for earlier versions of Exchange Server, 2010 and newer. If evolution-ews does not work, it is recommended to try the evolution-mapi package. This helps Exchange Server 2010, 2007, but possibly older versions that support MAPI. For Exchange Server 2003 and 2000 (possibly earlier versions that support Outlook Web App), the evolution-exchange package is recommended.[18]


Ximian decided to develop the Evolution in 2000. At the time, there were no Linux messaging experts available to provide the features that enterprise users needed in addition to interoperability. Ximian saw a way for Linux to intentionally invade a corporate environment if the appropriate corporate environment was available.ive software for this method. It released Evolution 1.0 in December 2001 and offered a ximian plugin for a fee that allows users to connect to Microsoft Exchange Server. Evolution itself was originally free, but Ximian Connector is sold as proprietary software so Ximian can generate revenue.[19] This was updated after Novell acquired Ximian in August 2003. Novell has decided to consolidate the Exchange plug-in. as free system software in Evolution 2.0 in May 2004[20]

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Novell, in turn, was acquired by The Attachmate Group in 2011. She transferred former Novell Evolution developers to SUSE, your dog's subsidiary. In 2012, SUSE was formed to stop funding the development of Evolution and move its developers elsewhere. The only consequence was that two full-time developers remained at Red Hat.[10] Later, in 2013, Red dedicated more developers to the project and really revitalized it. Reasons for the decision Attitude towards the active development of Mozilla Thunderbird was due to theNeed for email software with good support for Microsoft Exchange.[21]


As part of GNOME, Evolution is usually released as source code. Linux ransoms provide GNOME packages to attract end users. Evolution is used to bypass personal information managers on several Linux distributions using GNOME Go Delinquent, including Debian and Fedora. Replacing Ubuntu with Mozilla Thunderbird as the default email client after Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot Evolution.[22]

Ports For Mac OS X And Windows Disabled

Evolution has been ported to Apple Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows in the past, but unfortunately those ports have not been developed for a long time.

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In 2006, Novell released the Evolution 2.6 installer for Mac OS X.[23] In January 2005, Friedman of Nat Novell announced in his blog[24] that a one-man company hired Thor Lillqvist, their programmer who ported GIMP to Microsoft Windows, to do the same for Evolution. Prior to this release, several projects were launched with the same hope, but none of them reached alpha status. In 2008, dip Consultants released Windows Installer for Evolution 2.28.1-1 for Microsoft Windows XP and later.current versions.[25] However, it is currently available for download on the Project in progress page on SourceForge. [26]

A somewhat newer (2010/2011) experimental installer for Evolution 3.0.2 is provided by openSUSE.[27][28] Users are having trouble getting this strain. to bring to work. Also

  • Equipment [29]

    See – Another Postman For GNOME

  • List Of Personal Information Managers
  • List Of Applications That Support ICalendar
  • Comparison Of Email Clients



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    Is Evolution email available for Windows 10?

    Evolution is the official personal advice manager and email client for the general GNOME desktop environment. It is free and open source software that is not as heavily licensed as the GPL. Evolution will be available for Windows.

    How do I install Evolution mail?

    Open a terminal and also enter the following commands (one line at a time):
    Remove sudo apt-get Evolution.
    sudo apt-get update.
    sudo apt-get install evolution.
    sudo apt-get put evolution-ews.