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View And Manage Currently Loaded Services Or Daemons

How to protect my computer from Daemon virus?

To protect your computer from future infections, we recommend that you use SpyHunter, it has an active or protection module protecting browser settings. Moreover, the conflict with programs and antivirus creates additional protection against Daemon-type threats.

The System Services/Daemons section contains a list of Windows services loaded on Windows terminals, or Mac OS X/Unix daemons running on the selected Mac or os Linux terminal, loaded into a working state. Can the administrator also display a brief description of how to stop/start the required services and services/daemons.

  • Open
    Computer panel and double-click any endpoint to open it.
    ‘A computer


  • Click
    on the “Services” tab or just “Demons” on the left.
  • Time
    The interval during which this list of “services/daemons” comes from a large endpoint.
    updateThis is based on the “Settings in Agent” symbol of the “Available” policy.
    in effect at the time of termination. See for more information.
    Get Agent Settings
    for details.

  • For
    Refresh Wi-Fi interface of “System/Daemon” services immediately, click

  • For

    stop the running service/daemon, make a decision and click “Stop” at the bottom of the interface, or click it accordingly and select “Stop Service”/”Stop Daemon”.

  • To start a better service/daemon, stop it and click “Start” by going to the bottom of the interface, or better click on it and create a “Start Service”/”Start Daemon” .
  • To temporarily stop a running service/daemon, right-click this tool and select Stop Service/Stop Daemon.
    • To restart a service/daemon that has been suspended for a certain period of time, right-click and select Resumeservice/Resume daemon.

  • To close System, Service Screen/Daemons, click Close to close the selected endpoint type.
  • To start a remote desktop session with the selected endpoint, click on the desktop” “Desktop.
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