How to fix kernel security check error in stop code

The problem with the Security Check Fail is that one or more of the files did not pass compatibility or reliability checks and you need to install or replace them. If your approach produces a fatal error, be sure to get a blue screen error. If your error code is “KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE”, you may have come to the right place.

The most important kernel security is the failure of one or more files that fail due to compatibility and integrity checks, which must be updated and therefore replaced. The System File Checker is a utility that allows users to scan and repair corrupted Windows system files.

If you receive a Kernel Security Error Blue Screen of Death Error. To overcome this, follow the instructions given here

Many users who have upgraded their computer system to Windows 10 have encountered the above issue. Kernel security bugs are more common in Windows 10

The Kernel Security Review PC error occurs due to various reasons such as memory problems, herpes simplex virus infection, etc.

Self The most common reason is that the drivers you are using are from a previous version and are not compatible with other versions of Windows. Therefore, the operating system issues a kernel security check error message with the desired error code 0x000000139.

There are two possibilities for the problem to occur: a blue screen of death appears, or your website cannot connect to the operating system and you receive an error message.


If people can’t connect to all ten windows, do the following

1) Restart your computer and insert the Windows 10 boot file into your optical drive.

8) At the C: prompt, type the following and press Enter to activate the complicated legacy boot menu:

9) After successful execution of the command, exit EXIT to close the command display window

10) Back, select the options screen, select “Continue”, so that your computer really works normally

If this method does not resolve the core blue screen, you can usez method for the following paragraphs

1) If Windows 10 does not start properly, go to “Temperatures” and select “Start” to display the Advanced Maintenance Options menu.

4) Left click on the restart button located at the bottom of the active page

6) When the PC starts up, hover over the facet effect window in the upper right corner

What causes kernel failure?

The causes of a kernel panic or BSOD are already varied and can be hardware or software related. Common causes are things like faulty memory or sometimes poorly performing peripherals, software drivers or plugins, or even poorly written programs.

10) Type the following command: sfc scannow and press Enter

11) Wait for the adaptation process to complete. Type exit to close the command line and press Enter

12) Move your mouse again to the top right of these screens

14) In the search field, type memory, then select Windows Memory Diagnostic

15) Run Administrator, then select Restart Now, then check for problems

16) After rebooting, the operating system will automatically check your RAM and also show you the possible reasons why users received the Blue Screen of Death error message. PC

Run a scan with the Rest Repair Tool to find errors causing secondary issues and slowdowns. Once the scan is complete, the repair process will bring back corrupted files with new movie windows and components

How do I fix the kernel on my computer?

Check and reinstall the actual memory modules. In some cases, the problem maybe caused by incorrectly installed memory modules.
Check the hard drive cables and reinstall them as well.
Check the person’s memory.
Use a hard drive game program.
Disable hardware devices.
Run a virus scan.

Don’t forget to check the memory space to make sure the connector is working properly

It is best to try to replace the video slot memory or motherboard and then replace them. PC to check if the kernel protection failure stop code persists.

Make sure the hardware build is working properly. Make sure it is properly connected to the device. If you have a spare hard drive, try it.

If your operating system is loading now and throws a Windows kernel error from time to time, continue reading the steps

Make sure you have the latest Windows updates installed on your system. Otherwise, Microsoft is constantly releasing Windows updates to improve software stability and address various issues.

In the Windows Accessibility Update section, you can update the version in the search box.ka. This option works on all versions of Windows. Go to Windows Update to check for update versions and install available updates.

Run a full scan to detect and remove virtually any virus or malware that might infect your computer. Malicious software can cause various issues such as kernel security check failure.

Run a full system scan to detect adware running on your computer. Use Windows as your built-in antivirus, Windows Defender, or third-party antivirus

Here are the tasks to perform a full system extraction of Windows 10:

  1. Go to start> means “defender”>double click Windows Defender by launching the tool
  2. Select the shield icon in the left window
  3. New window, look at the advanced scan option
  4. Check the full scan settings to run and fully scan system adware.
  5. The above steps are described below the displayed images

If the antivirus cannot uninstallviruses, try installing another antivirus and see if it works

If this really works, you’ll probably want to restore your OS to a state where you didn’t reinstall your OS.

These are the steps that users can follow to fix kernel security error-free in Windows 10.

Name: G. Ahila

Seeing a BSOD error appear when starting your Windows 10 PC and not knowing what to do can be annoying. Usually, the Blue Screen of Death contains a feature-specific location code that may point to this cause of the error. One of the most common user messages at the time is the KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE stop code. So what to do and if you encounter this problem?

Most of us turn to the Internet for guidance with reasonable solutions to the KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE problem. Today’s article is a guide with several Windows 10 error fixes shared by experts and proven to work for you.

Fortunately, the KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE error wasn’t mineis your big problem, it can be fixed if you know what to do.

Before discussing the solutions, let’s look at the most common causes of kernel security error with blue screen stop code.

  • Conflicting software
  • Memory problems
  • Viruses
  • Incompatible or outdated drivers
  • Hard drive damaged or damaged
  • li >
  • Windows network files are corrupted

If you know the root cause of the underlying error, you can refine this solution to fix Kernel Security Check Failure on Windows 8//8.1/10.

We recommend that you perform a full virus scan to ensure that the problem is not caused by a virus before trying to fix anything in this guide.

How do I get rid of kernel data Inpage error?

Check all hardware connections and cables.
Check your hard drive.
Clean start.
Restore BIOS settings to default.
Remove incompatible third party software.
Remove equipment.
Run an antivirus and antimalware scan.
Disable, reinstall, or update device drivers.

We also recommend backing up any important files in case of accidental data loss. We will now move on to the various methods that fix the kernel 7 security scan issue on Windows 10.

Enable Legacy Latest Generation Boot Menu

  1. Reboot the system and insert the Windows 10 bootable media to create the optical drive.
  2. Click Next in the Windows setup window.
  3. Then click Restore. Your primary computer.
  4. In the Select Package window, click Troubleshoot.

7. Type C: press and in the command prompt window type why it opened.
8. Type BCDEDIT /SET DEFAULT BOOTMENUPOLICY LEGACY and press Enter to enable the legacy extended boot menu

9. After the command completes successfully, select EXIT.
10. When you return to the “Choose another option” screen, select “Continue building the system normally”.

If the blue kernel security check error on the screen persists, try the method below.

2. Update Your Drivers Automatically And Automatically

Corrupted or missing drivers can cause various types of BSoDs. Therefore, to fix the problem, try updating or replacing them automatically.

If you are using someone else’s device manager, you can manually update the drivers, but this is also required It is time consuming and involves risk. For the cast to be successful, it’s best to finally resort to a custom third-party solution.