Easter eggs Windows 10

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Look for recursion.
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Try making a clip or a barrel.
Look for Zerg Rush.
Search required “adventure text”
Search for “conways game under life”
Search for “anagram”

This is one of those completely useless tricks that have no practical application, although it’s still interesting to finally figure out promptegg.com to do it. Turns out there’s a bug in Windows 7 that, under certain conditions, invokes the old XP-style Alt-Tab selector.

In case you haven’t gotten better at using Windows reasoning yet, Windows 7’s usual alt tab is large, transparent, and, truth be told, a huge improvement over that awful version of XP. Trigger

for XP old style you need:

  • Hold down the left (or right) Alt key.
  • Press and release another Alt key.
  • Hold down most of the first Alt key, then move the Tab key.
  • It should be noted that this tactic belongs to Alexander from NTWind, who is incredibly similar to the guy who developed the not-so-silly VistaSwitcher app that replaces Alt Tab, which we love so much.

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    </p> <p><element></p> <p>Check out 6 cool Easter chicken eggs for Windows 7 as it’s a component. Easter! <img alt="" src="https://noipcdn.s3.amazonaws.com/media/chocolate-ostereier65.png" /></p> <p>1.God Mode<br /> This hidden egg easily injects hundreds of parameters from a single operating system.<br /> How?</p> <p>Create a new folder on your laptop or computer and name it GodMode.ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C<br /> 270 items are actually added to the folder that consists of all custom settings in Windows 7.</p> <p>2. The calculator in Windows is literally as old as the world. There aren’t many cool things you can do with portable computers.Calculators other than the cool formulas we used now when we were kids, which experts say could make funny and bad phrases and sentences if you forgo the benefits of a calculator. Anyway, Windows 8 Auto actually has some very useful extra tools like conversion, units of measurement (weight, area, area, etc.) and some interesting spreadsheets that you can use to calculate your gas consumption or car mortgage payment.</p> <p>3. Are you having problems with your computer? Use accurate monitor reliability<br /> The Reliability Monitor allows your organization to view a graph of the “Reliability Index” of a new system over a period of days, weeks, months, and even up to a year. It is then rated on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being not at all reliable and 10 being super reliable. This shows which specific programs are buggy or crashing within a given period of time.<br /> Like? Search for “reliability” in the start menu and type View Reliability History</p> <p>4. Need pomA tool that offers something on your computer, like streaming, IP camera port settings, etc. Honestly, remote access support is not your option? Use the Problem Recorder.<br /> The Problem Recorder records computer activity using a series of screenshots. The program also automatically adds text to screenshots to show details of where you clicked. You can also add your own comments by clicking the “Add Comment” button. When you finish capturing, the program will automatically save all the images together and effortlessly save the file as a compressed MTHML file. Search </p> <p>how? to get “psr” in the start menu Find the program and run it. Click “Start Recording” and Viola!</p> <p>5. Power Management<br /> My Windows Battery laptop is not the best so it usually drives me crazy. I recently found a cool way to finally diagnose a battery issue and it works like a charm. The Energy Efficiency Report quickly shows you which errors can cause your computer’s battery to drain quickly.</p> <p>How? Find “CMD” in the start menu. Run as administrator – Right click on cmd.exe in the explore menu and select “Run as administrator”.<br /> type from command line</p> <p>powercfg -power</p> <p></p> <div style="box-shadow: rgba(67, 71, 85, 0.27) 0px 0px 0.25em, rgba(90, 125, 188, 0.05) 0px 0.25em 1em;padding:20px 10px 20px 10px;"> <p id="4"> </div> <p>You will then boot up with a file named energy-report.html above your Windowssystems32 folder. Drag the data to another location on your computer or desktop (it won’t open in the new Systems32 folder). Double-click it to save and show windows, which can lead to power management issues.</p> <p>6. Pin your favorite folders and programs to the taskbar.<br /> Like? Right-click on any folder or drag the program to an empty space on the taskbar and release it when “Pin to Windows Explorer” is found. Now, when you right-click the File Explorer button in Windows, your folders are easily accessible.</p> <p>Do you know of any other silently hidden eggs? Leave them in the comments! Also be sure to share, tweet, like, tumblr and everywhere <img alt=":)" src="https://www.noip.com/blog/wordpress/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_smile .gif " /> < /p></p> <p>Related articles<br /> [MAC OSX] Hidden Easter Eggs! </p> <p></item></p> </section> <p>When someone mentions the proverb “Easter egg”, the first thing that comes to mind is brightly colored eggs waiting to be placed in well-hidden places. While this is correct for a traditional lake, modern times give you a new definition in support of the term. Today, easter eggs refer to hidden features housed in software and sometimes technology hardware. Most </p> <p>Despite the fact that major tech developers now include an easter egg of sorts in their products, Microsoft knows how to deeply integrate useful features into its Windows operating system. Now, along with Windows 7 coming to the end of its lifespan, Microsoft has focused almost entirely on Windows 10, which has resulted in a constant stream of new Easter eggs inside. </p> <p>While some of these invisible components are included solely to improve the technology, others have potential if you want to positively impact the user experience. That’s why Rocket IT has all the documentation checked outby Microsoft to provide you with 10 Easter eggs to help you maximize your productivity.</p> <h3 id="10">Show Desktop Button</h3> <p>Because your computer’s taskbar always displays your view, you might think you know what it has to offer if you haven’t developed that attitude. Have you ever explored the bottom four corners of the screen and noticed a particular thin white line? This, my colleagues, is the well-hidden View button in Windows. By clicking in this area, you can immediately resize each open window on our monitor.</p> <h3 id="11">Shake To Collapse</h3> <div style="box-shadow: rgba(67, 71, 85, 0.27) 0px 0px 0.25em, rgba(90, 125, 188, 0.05) 0px 0.25em 1em;padding:20px 10px 20px 10px;"> <p id="1"> </div> <p></p> <p>When using theme minimization, Windows 10 provides users with another ingenious way to hide all running applications. Just grab a new tab, open a pickup window, and give your mouse a little shake. In addition to the idle time you recorded, all others should successfully disappear from the screen. Another quick shake should return all windows to their previous state.</p> <h3 id="12">Cortana Voice Activation</h3> <p></p> <div style="box-shadow: rgba(67, 71, 85, 0.27) 0px 0px 0.25em, rgba(90, 125, 188, 0.05) 0px 0.25em 1em;padding:20px 10px 20px 10px;"> <p id="5"> </div> <p>Although Amazon and Alexa Siri by Apple dominate the AI ​​consumer market, it would be a shame to discredit Cortana, Microsoft’s AI companion. Although Cortana responds to the commands you enter by default, there is a setting that needs to be changed in order for the software to respond to beeps. By clicking in the search box on the Cortana taskbar, you can select the settings icon and open a window where you can change how you interact with the program. By turning on “Hey Cortana” typing, you will be able to use artificial intelligence in the same way as if using the same voice devices.</p> </p> <div style="box-shadow: rgba(67, 71, 85, 0.27) 0px 0px 0.25em, rgba(90, 125, 188, 0.05) 0px 0.25em 1em;padding:20px 10px 20px 10px;"> <p id="6"> Star Wars cmd code is one of the coolest command line easter eggs. However, before you can use this command normally, you must enable telnet. In Windows 10, press Win + Q, type telnet and select Enable from the results.ing or disabling Windows components. </p> </div> <p> </p> <div style="box-shadow: rgba(67, 71, 85, 0.27) 0px 0px 0.25em, rgba(90, 125, 188, 0.05) 0px 0.25em 1em;padding:20px 10px 20px 10px;"> <p id="7"> Windows 10 doesn’t have as many Easter eggs as previous versions, but unfortunately it takes it one step further by hiding certain games in its Cortana voice assistant. There are several games you can play with Cortana. You have to tell him, “Toss any coin,” which speaks for itself. </p> </div> <p> </p></p> <div class='yarpp yarpp-related yarpp-related-website yarpp-related-none yarpp-template-list'> <p>No related posts.</p> </div> <!-- Start Tags --> <div class="tags"></div> <!-- End Tags --> </div><!-- End Content --> <!-- Start Author Box --> <div class="postauthor"> <h4>About Author</h4> <img alt='' src='http://0.gravatar.com/avatar/fdb728dd4346367c47e64a47b4366149?s=100&d=mm&r=g' srcset='http://0.gravatar.com/avatar/fdb728dd4346367c47e64a47b4366149?s=200&d=mm&r=g 2x' class='avatar avatar-100 photo' height='100' width='100' loading='lazy'/> <h5>wpadmin</h5> <p></p> </div> <!-- End Author Box --> </div> </div> </article> <aside class="sidebar c-4-12"> <div id="sidebars" class="sidebar"> <div class="sidebar_list"> <div id="pages-2" class="widget widget_pages"><h3 class="widget-title">Pages</h3> <ul> <li class="page_item page-item-5"><a href="http://geo-logistics.com/about/">About</a></li> <li class="page_item page-item-6"><a href="http://geo-logistics.com/contact/">Contact</a></li> <li class="page_item page-item-11"><a href="http://geo-logistics.com/home/">Home</a></li> <li class="page_item page-item-3"><a href="http://geo-logistics.com/privacy-policy/">Privacy Policy</a></li> </ul> </div> </div> </div><!--sidebars--> </aside> </div> </div> <footer id="site-footer" role="contentinfo" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/WPFooter"> <!--start copyrights--> <div class="copyrights"> <div class="container"> <div class="row" id="copyright-note"> <span><a href="http://geo-logistics.com/" title="">GEO Logistics</a> Copyright © 2022.</span> <div class="top"> Theme by <a href="http://mythemeshop.com/" rel="nofollow">MyThemeShop</a>. <a href="#top" class="toplink">Back to Top ↑</a> </div> </div> </div> </div> <!--end copyrights--> </footer><!-- #site-footer --> <link rel='stylesheet' id='yarppRelatedCss-css' href='http://geo-logistics.com/wp-content/plugins/yet-another-related-posts-plugin/style/related.css?ver=5.27.8' type='text/css' media='all' /> <script type='text/javascript' src='http://geo-logistics.com/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/swv/js/index.js?ver=5.6.3' id='swv-js'></script> <script type='text/javascript' id='contact-form-7-js-extra'> /* <![CDATA[ */ var wpcf7 = {"api":{"root":"http:\/\/geo-logistics.com\/wp-json\/","namespace":"contact-form-7\/v1"}}; /* ]]> */ </script> <script type='text/javascript' src='http://geo-logistics.com/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/js/index.js?ver=5.6.3' id='contact-form-7-js'></script> </body> </html>